Vincent Jordan and Myron Cleveland

Speech Description

The reasons many people achieve their personal goals and leaders inspire escapes many of us. This presentation focuses on the principles outlined by best-selling author Simon Sinek, Starting with Why, Finding your Why, and The Golden Circle. From this presentation, you will discover what is most important in achieving personal success and improving your ability to lead.

Speaker Profiles

Vincent Jordan

Aspiring Leadership and Training Consultant

Vincent Jordan is a Marine Corps veteran, entrepreneur, educator, and doctoral student in organizational leadership. His more than 30 years of leadership and training experience extends across the military, academic, and corporate communities. After more than a decade of owning and operating his own business, he focuses on opportunities that permit him to help others realize their full potential personally and professionally.

Myron Cleveland

Personal and Professional Development Professional

Myron Cleveland is a Marine Corps veteran, educator, and a personal and professional development professional dedicated to helping others maximize their talents. His experience includes instructional design and delivery in the corporate setting, leading and instructing at the university level, and providing training and career coaching to transitioning veterans.

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