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The dream of may speakers is to get paid thousands of dollars to deliver a keynote in front of a large audience for a major corporate client or conference. Unfortunately, unless you are a bona-fide celebrity with enough name power to fill hundreds of seats, this will remain a dream. However, even relative unknown speakers can make a good living or even become wealthy through speaking, regardless of whether an event planner has a 5-figure check waiting for you to speak. Developing products that support and align with your speaking enable you to generate multiple streams of income that start producing before you speak and continue long after the event is ended. In this presentation, I will cover how a speaker can get paid when there is little or n o speaking fee, shy it is important to develop products, what types of products might be developed, how to price and sell the products and how to protect your products from copycats.

Speaker Profile

Steve Matley has been member of 4 Toastmaster clubs and a charter member of two advanced clubs, achieving the ALB and ACG goals. He has attended and participated in Toastmaster meetings with over 20 clubs in Districts 5 and 12, and served as club officer for three clubs in five different positions.

Steve is a serial entrepreneur, accidental educator, unlikely fashion, radio and TV entertainment producer, a reluctant non-profit community organization leader, a published author and a professional Speaker, trainer and adviser focusing on Leadership and Business Management. All of which means he has "Severe Career ADD".

He has spoken for college graduations, public policy symposiums, business summits, conference keynotes, non-profit groups and church retreats, and has helped clients develop books, podcasts, radio shows, TV shows, magazines, events, webinars and many other income producing products to generate profitable speaking and training businesses.

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