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“There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.” -Dale Carnegie

Join Certified Dale Carnegie Trainer, Denisse Ypiña, in learning how to minimize the gap between the speech you gave and the speech you wished you gave. In this interactive workshop, we’ll go over what ‘earns us’ the right to speak on a topic so we can feel confident when delivering our message.

Walk away with 3 tools to deliver your talks with impact, conviction, and professionalism.

“A talk is a voyage. It must be charted. The speaker who starts nowhere, usually gets there.” -Dale Carnegie

Join this voyage in a quest to find a more confident speaker in yourself!

Speaker Profile

Denisse Ypiña, CC/CL, is a Trainer and Account Executive at Dale Carnegie of San Diego. She has a strong and diverse business background, acquired through her experience holding different key positions in all major areas of business: administration, operations, procurement, sales, marketing, as well as training and education. 

She also considers herself fortunate to have worked in major corporations, as well as in thriving startup companies across different industries, ranging from spa & beauty, wellness & fitness, to foreign language education, industrial printing, and even microbrewing!

Denisse holds a Bachelor of Arts & Science in International Business, with an emphasis in Western Europe & French from San Diego State University. She completed her last college semester at ESSEC, in Paris, France, where she excelled at business French and Marketing coursework. She’s fluent in English, Spanish, and French.

Through her role at Dale Carnegie, Denisse enjoys seeing the impact that every individual can have towards the vision of their company when they’re able to develop and apply their full potential. Assisting that development as a trainer and discovering individuals’ and team’s training needs are Denisse’s areas of expertise. Denisse is certified in the Dale Carnegie Course curriculum and in the High Impact Presentations curriculum and works with clients in developing customized solutions for their teams.

Denisse loves to see the world! And when she isn’t discussing how to apply the Dale Carnegie principles with her clients or leading fitness classes, she enjoys reading, dancing, watching foreign films, and eating dark chocolate while sipping on a glass of wine or craft beer!

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